The main reasons people garden are to grow food for home use and distribute to family, friends, and neighbors; take pride in a hobby that is easily seen and admired, and last but not least, save money. Gardening saves money and that’s just a fact. Fresh vegetables that are tasty and good for you are certainly a test.

However, one of the drawbacks of gardening is that some aspects of it can be a bit expensive. The most expensive part of gardening is the tools required to do a good job and make the hobby more enjoyable. The good news is that there are a few ways to make it less expensive. One has to be a bit of an entrepreneur.

Most of the necessary garden tools can be purchased at dollar stores. Small hand tools, gloves, and aprons abound at the dollar store and cost, well, a dollar. Buy several at a time, and then buy a container that can also hold them. One dollar each. This is a good start.

The next place to find good inexpensive garden tools are flea markets and rummage sales. There are so many items available that sellers will lower their prices just to get rid of them. A recent purchase of a ten dollar tiller that needed sharpening of the blades proves this. Seeds, potting soil, and even pots can be found. The last day of the rummage sales is the best time to go and get the best crop of deals. The same goes for real estate sales. They also offer large amounts of items that can be purchased at a good price.

Another way to get the garden tools and equipment you need is to simply ask. Garden tools and equipment make wonderful gifts for Christmas and birthdays. They are a piece of cake and easy to find. Although many people would overlook this option, the gardener can request the things he wants and actually get them. After all, garden tools are generally a one stop shop at most stores and come in a wide range of prices. So what if you have three hand shovels?

The last proven way to secure the equipment and tools needed for gardening is to purchase these items in the off-season. January and February are the best months to buy lawn and garden equipment at good prices and seeds are readily available. At times, new gardening trends are available for the upcoming season, and also in time for new additions to the garden.