If you want to save money and not spend it all on gas, there are some easy ways to do it. People often ask “Do fuel savers work?” Here are some simple fuel saving ideas that work and help you save money in the process.

There are a few ways to keep your car in good shape to save fuel. Dirty air filters are one of the main reasons people are not good fuel savers. You can easily check your air filter by holding it up to sunlight. If sunlight doesn’t get through, you need to replace it. When your air filter is dirty, it restricts air intake to the engine, causing poor performance and fuel economy. One of the simplest fuel saving ideas is to buy a car without all the fancy gadgets and then keep it that way. When you add new wheels, tires and rims, they are very likely to create rolling resistance and therefore lower your fuel efficiency. An easy fuel saving idea is to use all the fancy gadgets when you want to show off a bit, but when you take your car on long trips, put it back on the original tires and rims for a smoother ride and better fuel economy. Another idea to save fuel is to buy a smaller car. It’s obvious that big cars use less fuel than small cars, but today’s small cars are roomier than ever. Automakers have started designing small cars to survive the impact of larger vehicles, so safety isn’t really an issue. SUVs are good in states that have terrible snowstorms, but if you live in a state or city where the weather isn’t dangerous for driving conditions, why not stick with a smaller car that makes it easier to save fuel ?

In addition to keeping your car in good shape and choosing the car that best suits your needs, there are some simple fuel-saving ideas you can apply to the car you already own. Stay with the trucks on the road, especially in a traffic jam. Trucks, especially big rigs, know that it takes much less fuel to keep a car moving than it does to stop and go, so if you pull along with trucks while maintaining a constant speed, you’ll save fuel and therefore save money. Another idea is to use only what is necessary as far as fuel is concerned. Roll down the windows instead of using the air conditioner. However, if you’re driving fast, roll up your windows so wind resistance isn’t a factor in fuel efficiency.

So do fuel savers work? [http://www.rslgreenfuelsaver.com] It is obvious that if you follow all the ideas listed here, the fuel savers work and work well.