There are currently more than one furniture design software on the market. However, one of the best in the business has to be 3D Spacer. This interior design program is specially designed for furniture manufacturers and retailers who want to gain a competitive advantage.

The software allows customers to design the interiors of their homes based on the furniture on offer. Instead of looking for furniture to match one’s interior design, this program gives more importance to the furniture, and it is the design that is adjusted based on the chosen piece of furniture.

2 to 3D

Created specifically for commercial design, this easy-to-use application has the ability to display any furniture as well as any type of room layout in 2D and 3D views. The result is a truly realistic and accurate interior design that is second to none. 3D Spacer works best for furniture manufacturer company websites as it is an excellent way for customers to design their interiors based on the manufacturer’s furniture. This software is not only unique and effective but also quite fun and entertaining.

When it comes to 2D design, features include detailed descriptions of each element, a project budget estimator, and fully customizable room shapes and dimensions. This program also offers excellent 3D visualization and some of the photorealistic features included are layout rotation and resizing, a 3D view of each item and full interior model, and printable layouts.

The 3D spacer edge

The addition of the software application to the website will definitely do wonders for the revenue of the company. By allowing users to design their own homes or offices on the website, 3D Spacer has the ability to attract more customers, giving it a competitive advantage. Its service can also go beyond that provided to regular customers, and can also be extended to the company’s internal advisors. Best of all, the Spacer program establishes the image of a company that is technologically advanced in every sense of the word.

Technical specifications

The software is based on the powerful and advanced technologies provided by 3D and 2D CAD, XML and Macromedia Flash. Although it is operated by a highly sophisticated engine, the interface of this program is as easy to use as can be. In fact, it can even be used by hobbyists or hobbyists who have very little experience in the interior design and furniture industry. 3D Spacer is definitely a great addition to any furniture manufacturer’s website.