A Case Study on Innovative Sleep Solutions, Surrey, BC

Our team loves helping small business owners rebrand, from bringing website redesign ideas to life to increasing social media engagement.

It is not only because we are passionate about the work, but also because we love to see our entrepreneurs succeed.

Now, I know it’s almost silly to mention how challenging 2020 has been for small businesses. You must have heard it a million times!

But the fact that it’s been such a tough year for a lot of small businesses made the rebranding work we’re doing for a small business like Innovative Sleep Solutions that much more impactful.

The original Innovative Sleep Solutions website did not endorse or increase leads or sales at all. They had a finicky shopping cart system that was difficult to use.

The site featured an outdated design and lacked compelling SEO copy. There was no mention of their values ​​or health-focused approach, which is what sets them apart from the big box stores.

In the past, Dave and Terry had also been using more traditional publicity campaigns such as radio, television, print, and even billboards at Rogers Arena to attract the attention of Canucks fans.

With numerous technical and marketing/brand issues, they were not receiving none Online sales.

While they were shopping at the store before COVID-19 hit, the pandemic put an end to that.

Innovative Sleep Solutions needed to quickly turn around and build a strong eCommerce site and implement a new online marketing strategy.

It was time for a new approach, this is how we revamped the Innovative Sleep Solutions brand to give them a competitive edge heading into 2021.

Complete brand and website redesign.

From the logo to the product pages, we made sure that Innovative Sleep Solutions branding was consistent and attractive on all pages of the website.

As we do with every client, we start with an in-depth brand analysis to define your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), target audience, company vision, brand positioning, and more.

This analysis reinforced the need to renew their existing logo. Not only was it outdated, it didn’t reflect the healthy environment that was needed to position them differently from other mattress and bed vendors.

The logo redesign process was collaborative and brought David and Terry into the mix every step of the way, ensuring the final design was one they loved and knew accurately represented their brand positioning.

Another of our website redesign initiatives was to create a new slogan to differentiate the company from its major competitors. Because the owners pride themselves on selling natural, organic and Canadian-made products whenever possible, “Sleep Healthier. Live Better” was the winning statement.

Our next step was to develop our website technical specifications, keyword analysis, and site mockups. (A mockup is a layout that shows what elements will be on a web page. You don’t just start creating menus, slapping images, and putting links on a live page!)

It’s important for small business owners to understand that redesigning a website involves much more than choosing logo colors and font sizes.

For example, a large part of the process takes into account the user experience. What process flow will they follow to ensure a smooth experience while on site?

When designing and developing the Innovative site, we wanted to make sure that site visitors know immediately that they are in the right place and that they can easily find the products they need.

Also, ensuring a site looks great on any device, from desktops to smartphones, is critical. Images and font sizes may look perfect on your computer, but break or look cluttered on a phone screen.

While there is a great deal of creativity involved in implementing website redesign ideas, much of their success depends on well-executed web development.

Since we don’t use off-the-shelf templates, purchased themes, or third-party site builders, our clients know they’re getting the highest quality built site that will showcase their brand perfectly.

The innovative site was built on WordPress using a custom WooCommerce plugin for the shopping cart system. We also integrate Constant Contact to build lists and have the ability to send abandoned cart emails to those who leave the site without completing their purchase.

As you can see, unless you are a marketing/technical/designer guru, rebranding your business is not a DIY project. There are too many important elements of branding, programming, and implementation at play. Regardless of the industry you are in, you should consider hiring a professional full-service web design and development company.


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I’m sure you landed on someone’s website and felt that something was just…wrong; or maybe you were suddenly turned off without even knowing why.

Most likely, you quickly clicked back to find a competitor’s website, where you felt more comfortable and secure.

Your visitors might feel the same way if you don’t pay attention to how you come across to your target audience. This is why it is crucial to identify your brand style before redesigning your website.

In this article, I’ll share five questions you need to answer to determine your brand identity and create the most effective website possible.

More online.


Compelling, profit-oriented copywriting.

People aren’t going to buy from a small business if the copy is heavily focused on product specs or lacks a cohesive story. That’s when you start talking about why someone wants what you’re selling so you can really reach your target audience.

An additional challenge for Innovative Sleep Solutions: They are selling high-end products at the lowest price, but buying a mattress is still a considerable investment.

So we knew we needed to quickly capture people’s attention with the right copy, instead of highlighting price points.

As part of our online marketing strategy, we looked at what problems each product solved. For example, an adjustable lifestyle bed is ideal not only for people with a medical condition like acid reflux, but also for people who like to read or use a laptop in bed.

Similarly, we learned that a magnetic therapy mattress acts like a mini electric heating pad to stimulate blood flow and deliver nutrients to repair and heal damaged tissue while you sleep. You wake up pain free and rejuvenated.

Isn’t that much more interesting than the product specifications?

Innovative Sleep Solutions’ online marketing strategy also includes landing pages and blog posts with carefully selected keywords to better explain the benefits of their products and maximize SEO to drive more organic traffic.

Continuous strategic SEO, SEM and social media campaigns.

Our work is not done when the website is complete! To help Dave and Terry stay competitive, make sales, increase leads, and engage their audience, we’ve now focused on focused SEO, SEM, and social media campaigns.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is an unpaid online marketing strategy that focuses on optimizing your website and content with words and phrases that people would type into a search engine.

By doing keyword and competitor research, we create target keywords to use throughout the website and within the copy.

SEM stands for search engine marketing, also known as paid search. The most used paid search tool is Google Ads.

By buying traffic to the website, we are accelerating the site’s path to the top of search results and hopefully increasing sales.

We do this effectively by:

? Orientation to geographical areas

? Create advertising campaigns that speak to the target audience in those areas.

? Write relevant ad copy that will attract and compel your target audience to click on the ad

? Continuous monitoring of clicks, impressions and conversions

SEM can be a great online marketing strategy to boost at the time of a site launch; then you can lower your paid ad budget as you move up the organic search results with SEO.

We are also moving forward with an Instagram-focused social media campaign that visually showcases your healthy sleep solutions.

The process of bringing website redesign ideas to life is collaborative and iterative. It takes proper planning, working with a professional marketing team, and testing and tweaking as you go!

It took a lot of communication and teamwork to get to the Innovative Solutions for the Completed Dream site. But we love the process, and now we have another website and rebranding project to be proud of!

For the success of your business,