iPhone 15 Pro Max

If you like to carry a few credit or travel cards with you this leather flip case has pockets that can store them. It is MagSafe compatible which promises a more secure connection for faster charging. The iPhone 15 Pro Max cases with MagSafe from Rokform have N52 Neodymium magnets that securely clamp your encased phone to the magnetic base of the aptly named Rugged Case or its transparent sibling. They also work with RokLock twist lock bike and car mounts.

A silicone case is a simple and inexpensive way to safeguard your new iPhone from dings, scratches, and drops. These slim cases offer excellent grip and a comfortable feel in your hand. Moreover, they are compatible with MagSafe and wireless charging. You can also charge your phone without removing the case.

iphone 15 pro max case wholesale is designed with built-in magnets that align flawlessly with MagSafe for a seamless attachment experience. It is slim and lightweight, so you can use it with any wireless charger or MagSafe dock. It also prevents accidental falls and provides extra protection for your phone screen and camera.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Case Wholesale

If you’re looking for an iPhone 15 pro max case with MagSafe, then this case by Elago is a good choice. Its rough pebble texture adds a decent level of grip and protects the front side of your iPhone from damage. It also protects your screen and cameras from scratches. However, the box it comes in is plastic, which isn’t very sustainable.

This iPhone 15 Pro Max case offers MagSafe compatibility and includes a wallet that holds up to three cards. Its exterior is made of a premium European leather that develops a natural patina over time. Its buttons and camera bump are pressed into the case, giving it a precise feel in the hand. Its wallet attaches immediately below the camera cluster, making it hard to misalign.

While other MagSafe wallets connect purely through the lower alignment magnet, Bellroy’s ModRail system places two rails above and below to prevent errant removals. This is a thoughtful solution to one of the biggest issues with MagSafe cases, which can get lost in your pocket or become detached in transit. Bellroy’s case also has a lip that snaps open to reveal the top card, which is handy for pulling your ID out of your wallet without opening it completely. This case is backed by a 3-year warranty.

This clear case is a great choice for those who want to show off their iPhone’s color. It also offers MagSafe compatibility and top-notch protection. In fact, it has more magnet strength than other cases, making it easier to attach a MagSafe wallet or car mount. You can customize the Casetify case with a variety of prints and artists. There are even options to print a name on your phone’s case. This is the most customizable iPhone case available.

The Casetify Ultra Bounce is a unique case that protects the two most vulnerable parts of your iPhone – the screen and camera lens. This is achieved by massive air cushions on each corner that give the case up to 32 feet of drop protection. This case is expensive, but it’s a good option if you’re looking for something unique. It also makes a great gift for someone special. The case is available in five colors to match the new shades of the Apple iPhone 15 line.

The Modern Leather Case is a visually appealing and highly protective option for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. It has a sturdy design that supports MagSafe and wireless charging, while also featuring great anodized metal buttons and a large cutout for the USB-C port and dual lanyard anchor points. The case is made from full-grain, sustainably sourced leather that develops a natural patina over time, with anodized aluminum buttons and a polycarbonate frame. It has raised edges to protect the screen and camera, and is designed to minimize the impact of drops up to 10 feet.

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The Modern Leather Case is a bit pricey, but its premium appearance and excellent protection make it worth the extra cost. Nomad also offers a Rugged Case and Modern Leather Folio that are skinless options for those who prefer not to use leather, but still want MagSafe compatibility. The cases are available in black and rustic brown, and the folio adds card and cash storage.