Alexa Ranking is very important to know the potential according to the popularity of your website on the Internet or intranet. Basically you have a big dashboard of data from around the world and with the help of this data; estimates the rank of your website. According to Alexa, the lower your rank is, the more beneficial for your company it is, for example Google Alexa Rank is 1 in India, which shows its popularity and potential. Increasing Alex’s range is not like climbing the mountain, it is very simple and these basic tips can help you with this. So, let’s take a look and get acquainted with these tips.

  • Install the Alexa Toolbar: The first and most important step in your journey to riding heights is the installation of the Alexa toolbar, therefore it saves your website data to your dashboard and compares it to other websites, to give you the exact ranking. .
  • Write unique content: Content can dramatically increase your website’s ranking as it helps Google to crawl your website and also to keep readers on your content. Writing unique and relevant content generates more traffic to your website, which increases the popularity of your website, which positively increases the Alexa ranking.
  • Use ALT tag on your image: ALT Tag is text that helps Google read your website, so don’t underestimate its value. If you want to increase your Alexa Ranking you need to improve your Google ranking and that is only possible if you follow all its algorithms.
  • Build quality backlinks: Backlinks are very important to your website and if you want to hit the target and rank on the first page of Google, you need to create quality backlinks. If your website ranks high on the first page of Google, it can drive more traffic to your website and increase its popularity, which helps improve your Alexa ranking.
  • Don’t forget social media: Social networks are mandatory nowadays. Therefore, you should not take it for granted as it plays an important role in increasing the potential and popularity of your website, which has a positive impact on your Alexa Rank.

All the tips mentioned above are simple and easy to follow and you can easily use them to improve your Alexa Rank. If you still have any doubts and the concept of Alexa ranking is unclear to you, consult a reputable and experienced SEO company to help you with this.