We all love tasteful neutral colors when decorating our homes, but sometimes they can seem too bland and we long for some color or pattern to add something unique and beautiful to a home design; Something that will make you stand out from the crowd with a wow factor, but a wow factor and a great first impression that we can easily live with day in and day out. Bold, bright colors can be fun and exciting, but they don’t necessarily stand the test of time. So what is the answer?

First, try to find some unusual elements (perhaps glass mosaics or pebble mosaics) that you can subtly add to your design that will complement a neutral mosaic background. Combining a unique item with a standard floor is one of the best ways to create an attractive interior that really stands out from the crowd.

Using Complementary Overlay Tiles

Whether you’re using traditional ceramic tile or the latest high-gloss, high-gloss porcelain tile, an inlay can be used to great effect to outline different floor areas, define room edges, or highlight a particular architectural feature. And remember that inlays don’t have to be regular shapes: irregular shapes, like broken tile pieces or pebbles, can be grouted in a regular area, but they don’t need to be a regular shape. Some beautiful pebble flooring elements have been created, especially when used with natural stone tiles such as marble or limestone and of course the ancient mosaic floors used irregular pieces to great effect to create works of art on the floor. floor.

If you’re not feeling too adventurous, you can also use small inlaid tiles of the same type and design as the full size tile. Many manufacturers make porcelain or ceramic mosaic tiles in the same styles and color combinations as their full size range, so there are great combinations for even the novice designer; just remember that using inlays that go together too well may not create a truly unique look.

Adding a tonal dimension

An inexpensive way to get creative with your floor tiles is to use 2 or more different colors of the same type and size of tile on your floor. Classic black and white ceramic tiles have a timeless and enduring appeal; they never feel dated and are always beautiful. But another way to add tonal dimension is to use 2 colors from the same palette but in a different shade: light gray and dark gray for example. They can be placed diagonally across the room for a very classic look, or simply squared across the room for a more contemporary design.

Special effects

Metallic or glass effect tiles can be used for single or double borders to add a reflective quality to a matte tiled background. The design opportunities are endless, so use your creative flair and imagination to create a totally unique look for your home. The more contemporary ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles in particular are available in a range of special effects including wood and metal, which can be used in small sections to add vibrancy to your floor, so why not be a little daring? You may find that you don’t like neutral colors as much as you thought.