Decorating a new home to your particular taste is one of the best things in the entire company, although of course there are always budgets to respect and commitments to make, especially if you live with a partner! Modern interiors are often the ideal way to create a space that everyone can enjoy and put their personal stamp on.

Contemporary spaces in the home are fantastic because they are, by definition, minimalist. This gives any homeowner the opportunity to start simple and then add other items to their home to suit their tastes as they go along. For those decorating on a budget, this is also a great idea, as they won’t need to invest in a large amount of decorating up front.

The best way to start creating a contemporary kitchen is by choosing accessories that give it a modern touch and that look good regardless of the other elements and decorations that you later add to the space. Some of these accessories include cabinets, which can dramatically change the feel of your kitchen.

A great tip when choosing your cabinets is to go for something high-quality, as this furniture will take up a lot of eye space in the room, regardless of how many other accessories you have in the area. Splurge a bit on some great looking furniture therefore it should be a priority.

There is a wide range of colors and styles to choose from when decorating a kitchen in a modern style, so whenever you choose high-quality accessories, some of your personal taste should look great regardless of tone and style.

For those looking for a bit of inspiration, white, black or gray shaker cabinets create a very contemporary space and will look good regardless of the other kitchen accessories you add later. Gray shaker cabinets are particularly on trend right now due to the subtle level of color they add to a contemporary space.

While white is a very simple and bright color option, and other shades like black and red can be overbearing, gray shaker cabinets add enough interest and variation to other colors present in the room without overpowering them. Consider this option if you are looking to create a sleek, modern kitchen.

When it comes to wall and floor colors, the same color palettes mentioned above are a great idea. The whites, blacks, grays and bright colors give a modern look, but again, be careful not to dominate a room with very dark or extravagant color tones.

You can choose dark gray tile to complement the light gray shaker cabinets, or you can choose a black floor to complement the natural and rigid bamboo tile cabinets. Keep everything sleek and minimal, with no fancy patterns or designs, and you’re well on your way to creating a fantastic contemporary kitchen.

Once you’ve covered the walls, floor, and furniture, you can continue to add personal touches and unique style elements to spice up your space. A great idea is to choose unusual, high-quality metals for sinks, faucets, and range hoods. Copper is a great option for adding character to a room, and chrome is a classic and understated option.

Similarly, investing in a large slab of marble or granite for an island countertop can make a beautiful centerpiece and a stunning statement when contrasted with a room’s calm, minimalist color palette. If you’re on the budget, choosing beautiful countertops is one way to truly transform your modern kitchen into something exceptional.

From choosing between white and gray shaker cabinets to selecting the right shade of tile, creating a contemporary kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult. The keys to remember are opting for subtle hues and simplicity, accentuating with striking and unique pieces like copper fixtures and stone work surfaces, and always remembering to invest in quality for the best results.