The Le Creusett Small Stoneware Casserole is different from larger casseroles in the way that it is small and what some people would call cute. Although the small casserole can be used for cooking, and like its larger relatives, it can be served straight from the oven. It is also capable of withstanding the freezer followed by the oven or microwave. The small saucepan can be used to serve the smallest things needed on a buffet or coffee table, either before a meal, during a meal, or after a meal. Which means you can serve dips, spreads, nuts and anything small you want to serve.

These cute little stoneware casseroles from Le Creuset come in a variety of shapes, including round, oval, rectangular, and in fruit and vegetable shapes, like assorted berry, bell pepper, garlic, pear, and more. A grouping of these very different little pans filled with your dressings and sauces and whatnot will make the table look fun and what’s in them taste better. Have you ever noticed how a slightly different food presentation makes food taste so much better? These casseroles in their different shapes also come in the colors of the food they represent, i.e. bell pepper is green, strawberry is red, pear is yellow and so on.

Like the larger casserole, the Le Creuset Stoneware Small Casserole won’t crack, peel or scratch and resists odors, so it always smells fresh and clean after washing. Unlike many other stoneware products that retain the smell of what was in them, this stoneware casserole will not retain the smell of what was in it.

Whether you want to set a buffet table, dining table or snack table, these small stoneware casseroles from Le Creuset are a delicious way to entertain family and friends and have fun while cooking and serving. I agree that they are cute and as such are fun even during cleaning time.