With the increasing number of people on the road these days, more and more accidents are happening. If you end up involved in an accident, having a camera installed in the car will protect you from unfair blame when you are not at fault. However, that’s not the only reason to put a dash cam in your car. There are several other advantages of having mini dash cams installed in our vehicles. Below I have listed some of those advantages.

insurance premiums

Installing a dash cam can prevent your insurance premiums from going up. Drivers have begun using the video from these cameras as an independent witness to prove who is at fault after accidents. You will now have solid evidence of any collision or other incident in case you need it. At this time there are no insurance companies that offer premium discounts for adults who install dash cams. However, there is one company that offers premium discounts to new young drivers who have them. This brings me to the next advantage on our list.

Safe Drivers for Teens Program

A company known as American Family Insurance has started a Teen Safe Driver program where they give new teen drivers a free mini dash cam for a year. The program includes driver training and education to help them become better drivers. The camera provided by the company records inside and outside the vehicle when it detects deviations and sudden decreases or increases in speed. The recordings are then sent to the driving coaches via Wi-Fi, where they can rate the teen drivers on a weekly report card. Parents can review the report each week by logging in and reviewing the videos and grades. By participating, teens get a ten percent discount on their premiums. Therefore, these cameras not only allow lower premiums for teen drivers, but also help parents keep an eye on their children’s driving. At the same time, making our teens better drivers and making the roads safer to drive on.

shock for cash

This is similar to the reasoning behind insurance premiums. A dash cam protects you against scammers who intentionally get into car accidents to extort money from their victims. It has become such an epidemic that it now has its own nickname. This dangerous trick is known as the “crash for cash” scam.

You can find thousands of dash cam clips on YouTube. The reason is that incidents are usually recorded. They are usually caused by a person doing something that is less than ethical. For example, one of the most popular dash cam videos shows a guy running into the road and starting to act like he’s been hit by a car. The funny thing about this, though, is that the car had already come to a complete stop before the guy hit the road. Who knows what would have happened if there hadn’t been video evidence to prove the guy was faking it? Considering the cost at risk of not having one compared to the cost of the camera itself, the advantages of having mini dash cams installed are obvious.