Lathering the penis with butter is not a very attractive concept. A guy who covers his bar in standard table butter, for example, isn’t likely to win anything but greasy pants. Obviously, this is not a good idea. However, there is one exception to the “Don’t put butter on your penis” rule: shea butter. Penis health products containing this ingredient offer significant benefits for the penis. This is why.

a rough surface

The skin of the penis is subject to abuse day after day. Men may rub their tissues with strong soaps, rub raw skin between their fingers, or use strong lubricants when they are intimate with their partners. Even basic daily friction from clothing and play can be enough to make the member dry and crack. The skin may look healthy and even feel good, but the surface of the fabric is likely to be pockmarked with all sorts of tears and rough spots.

Skin torn in this way is at risk of further damage. Every little tear in the skin can snag on clothing, and all those cracks serve as hospitable environments for bacteria. If left untreated, the skin condition will almost certainly worsen. Fortunately, the treatment is as simple as putting on some lotion.

The power of shea

Shea butter is ideal for skin like this. It is a thick, creamy substance that fills in spaces in cracked skin, limiting the risk of bacteria buildup. It can also smooth rough skin, so the jagged edges don’t snag or tear. Skin feels smoother and softer after just one application of shea butter.

When the skin of the penis does not constantly increase more damage, it has the opportunity to relax and heal. And since shea butter is a natural product, there’s no need to worry about harsh chemical burns or reactions to foreign additives. Unnatural ingredients can further inflame sore skin and are not part of the shea butter experience. The only side effect you will get from this natural moisturizer is smoother skin.

Additional benefits

Shea butter is not just for men with penile skin pain; It can also help men who don’t have any signs of injury. The smoothing action of shea can give your nerve endings more exposure, as they won’t have dry, dead skin clogging them up. This can help men feel a little better when they are busy with their partners.

Daily application of a product containing shea butter can also help keep unpleasant odors at bay. While a properly processed serving of shea does not have a noticeable scent, each application requires the man to rub the product into his skin. As he does this, he may remove small droplets of other fluids that don’t smell as good, such as:

– Urine


– Hoodie

– Lubricant

First steps with shea

Pure Shea products can be great for men with penis problems. But straight products can also be too thick and greasy for the average man, and can also be too expensive for some budgets. Pure products also do not have the combination of vitamins and minerals that the penis really needs to function at an optimal level.

A quality penis health cream. (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) It contains just the right amount of shea along with other ingredients that can benefit the penis, such as vitamin E, alpha lipoic acid, and L-arginine. All of these ingredients work with shea butter to make skin softer, smoother, and a little more sensitive. These products are also specifically designed for genital skin, so they don’t leave tissues feeling greasy. Finally, a quality cream will help maximize blood flow to the organ, keeping it supplied with oxygen and nutrients.