Best eSIM for Internet

With an eSIM, you can avoid paying high roaming fees by using your phone as if you were a local. Unlike traditional SIM cards, which have to be inserted into your smartphone to work, an eSIM is stored in the cloud, and only needs to be activated through an app on your smartphone.

The best eSIM for your travels in Indonesia depends on a few factors click here, like how long you’ll be away and how much data you need. Airalo is a popular choice among travellers because it offers prepaid eSIM plans for over 200+ countries and regions. Their cheapest Bali tourist eSIM plan comes with 1 GB of mobile data that’s valid for a week, and they also offer several weekly and monthly plans starting at 5 GB.

Another option for travelers is Holafly, which provides eSIMs with unlimited mobile data for many of the world’s top destinations. Their packages start at $19 for five days and go up to $99 for 90 days. They also offer packages that include both Indosat and Telkomsel, the two biggest network operators in Indonesia.

What is the Best eSIM for Internet on Your Trip to Indonesia?

Aside from being a cheaper alternative to regular SIM cards, eSIMs are safer and more convenient. Since they don’t have to be inserted into your smartphone, there’s less chance of them being stolen or damaged. Additionally, eSIMs are encrypted, so your data is more secure.

Getting an eSIM for your trip to Indonesia is easy. Just head over to an online eSIM provider, select the one you want, and follow the instructions to download it to your smartphone. Just make sure that your smartphone is compatible with eSIMs, as not all smartphones support them. Fortunately, all Apple devices newer than the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are compatible with eSIMs, as are all Google Pixel phones.

If you don’t have a compatible smartphone, you can also purchase an eSIM from a physical retailer in Indonesia. Just be sure to read the fine print carefully, as some retailers only sell their eSIMs in bulk or for specific models.

You can also get an eSIM from a global telecommunications provider, like AIS. Their Global eSIM allows you to use your phone in more than 160 countries, including Indonesia. It gives you access to the XL Axiata network, which isn’t as widespread as Airalo or Holafly, but it still has good coverage in most of the country. Plus, it’s a great deal at only $15 for 10 days of data in over 10 countries. That includes Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Australia, and Qatar. It’s worth it if you’re planning on travelling to multiple places in Asia!