Professional web developers are specialists

Every once in a while, when I contact small businesses to generate new customers, I come across a business owner who tells me that a friend or family member built their website for them. And as you can imagine, I’m curious to know more. Therefore, I will listen carefully when the person tells me how much he got for the work on the site. I’ll even ask what the web address is and if possible find out what they like best about your website. Many times, it is the price that they remember above all else.

Now there’s nothing wrong with having a friend or family member build a website for your small business, just like there’s nothing wrong with having a friend or family member work at your home. However, there are almost always benefits to having a professional do the work, either in your home or on your website. For example, you might let your nephew paint the kitchen, but would you let your neighbor, the doctor, reinstall it? Probably not. Because? Because he is not a professional electrician. Even if he can do it, he doesn’t do it regularly. It is clear that the project and the importance are key in your decision. So why would the virtual home of your business be any different?

Almost every time I see “someone I know built mine” websites, I see one or more indications that the person was not a web developer or web professional. You don’t always care, but there are almost always clues to that effect.

The advantages of hiring a professional are long-term and sometimes not easily seen. But rest assured, there are advantages.

Advantages of professional development

Often I get new clients who have one or more aspects of a web presence but don’t have the website yet or have a website but can’t find it in search engines. This is because there are many aspects to putting your business on the Internet. Some of the big ones include:

  • have a place for it
  • Have an address for it
  • help people find it

All of which, have different details to consider in themselves. When you hire a professional web developer, these facets of your online marketing can be simplified or combined. Just like a professional electrician knows what gauge wire is needed and has the right tools and knowledge to simply get the job done, so too a professional web designer will have what it takes to keep it simple but get it done right.

Perhaps the most important reason to hire a professional for your web development project is that you want it done right. Just like a bad wiring job can cost you more down the road, a poorly built website can cost you more in the long run. By hiring a web development specialist to build your site, you’ll be able to find your business online, you’ll pay less in the long run for edits and changes, and your business will grow from the exposure you receive through the Internet.